Masters Technological Institute of Mindanao aims to be a leading institution of quality programs in technology, business and education in the region.


 To produce highly trained, competent graduate with entrepreneurial spirit though the offering of relevant programs which are geared towards industrial and socio-economic development;

 To produce competent teachers who can provide quality instructions, effective classroom management and an agent of changes in educational processes;

 To instill moral values, self-reliance, honesty, industriousness, commitment and dedication to service, love of GOD and Country; and

 To engage in a close working relationship with the industries and the community by providing consultancy services, research and development using indigenous materials and equipment that will help spur economic activity and sustain development.

Masters Technological Institute of Mindanao (MTIM)
No. 013 M. Badelles Sr St. Corner Zamora St.
9200 Iligan City, Philippines

Tel. No. +63-63 221-6472
Email: mtimedu@aol.com , masters_tech@yahoo.com.ph


MTIM Banner


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